Money Back Guarantee

A 10 Day Money Back Guarantee is available on all of our motorcycles for sale, just buy & reserve online, we deliver to your door, and you then become eligible for this total piece of mind service. We want to make sure your experience, when buying one of our bikes, is as hassle free as possible, we understand that you wouldn't want to make an expensive mistake and we wouldn't want you to either.

You Don't Part With A Penny...

We do not ask you to part with a penny until the day of delivery, when you have seen, touched, and are 100% happy with the bike. Only then will you be asked to make payment to complete the sale. Some customers, dependant on type of payment may have paid part or in full prior to delivery, e.g. a bank transfer which would need three working days for clearance. If this is the case, and on the day of the delivery you have changed your mind and wish not to complete the purchase the money paid for the purchase of the bike is refunded - unfortunately we are unable to refund delivery and administration charges.

When You Have Parted With A Penny Or Two...

When you have chosen to complete the sale, you have a further 7 days from time of delivery, to be 100% sure that this is the right bike for you, if not, all you need to do is contact us in writing with your intention to return your motorbike, you are then given an additional 3 days to return the bike to us, giving you a total of 10 days. Please be aware that we ask you to have travelled no more than an average 10 days mileage and also for you to return the bike in its purchased condition with all relevant accompanying documentation.

Visit our Motorcycles for sale online showroom and browse our extensive stock. We take multiple pictures and a good quality close up video of all of our bikes for sale, so you can see every angle of the bike your interested in before committing in any way, just as you would if you turned up at our showroom in person.

Our professional sales advisors are on hand to be your eyes (Monday – Sunday) to give advice about the bike, by phone on 07543 543543 - you can even request a call back at a time convenient to you. We can take a deposit to reserve your motorbike and arrange a delivery day and time to suit.

This Guarantee only applies to a sale that is conducted online, over the phone or where there is no face to face contact on our business premises. If you have inspected and approved any goods in our showroom our 10 day money back guarantee does not apply. This is to give consumers confidence to buy goods and services where there is no face to face contact with ourselves on our business premises.